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Tender award, Sabena fleet illustration

Tender award, Swissair fleet illustration

Tender award, VLM Airlines re-branding

Tender award, Air Holland re-branding

Design award, VG Airlines total branding



Nomination, best VIP and Commercial aircraft livery design 2010

Handover aircraft livery design concept to the King, 2013

Nile Air, promotion livery scheme design, 2016

The company

leading in creating brand love over more than 20 years


For commerical and non-commercial ideas, concepts, graphic and quilt designs, illustrations and art. We welcome brands, companies and private individuals.


Lila Design, founded by its creatives Jeanneke Liebregts and Norbert Lambriex in 1995, is a boutique design company.


We're a creative team of experienced and versatile professionals that love the craft and commercial effective mechanism of great design and enjoy the challenge of each design task. Dedicated to help brands ahead and on customer's needs and requirements. By following each project - with disciplines like flexibility, adaptability and rapidity - from the initial sketches to the hand-over to the client we ensure design and product consistency.


In 1991 we entered the market of wines and distilled spirits, along with Norbert's Brand Packaging Designer role at Groupe Pernod Ricard. Our first sketches in the aviation industry were delivered to Lithuanian Airlines and Air Mauritius though our first real life aviation re-branding project was for the Belgian airline VLM AIrlines. Lila Design's experience within the categories spans more than twenty-five years and encompasses a wide range of successful corporate identities and package designs for national and international brands. Lila Design continues to be involved in every aspect of the creative proces, from initial consultations and strategic development, through final design and production.


Lila Design is a company of thinkers and doers dedicated to strategic, innovative, creative, consistent and targeted i.d. and packaging communications. Simply put, we help our clients visually express their brands positioning & attributes wherever the consumers interact with them. We believe that brand identity and brand package design are the foundation of effective brand presence.


What can you expect when you work with Lila Design?



No unpleasant budget surprises. In our initial proposal you’ll get a perfectly clear description of the work we will deliver and what it will cost at each stage of a multi-stage design process.



We have enough design horsepower to manage larger 1-to-1 design tasks without missing your target dates.



We’re oriented toward getting you from strategic marketing document to finished production packaging that works from packing line all the way to the consumer’s home. We know a beautiful design that tests well is just the beginning of the process.


Our attention

You have it. We’re only as good as our last project with any of the brands we work with. No resting on laurels, or leaning on a long-term contract. Simple, transparant.


Our thinking

about brand and design


Lila Design helps to create, re-invent, re-vitalize, fine-tune brands, corporate identity design and brand packaging. The strength of our design consultancy stems from the ability to quickly identify what's needed, design brief focus and beyond and to provide innovative, creative, tasteful design and cost effective solutions. By keeping the client closely involved during all phases of a creative process during the project we ensure design and product consistency. During the whole project our client really experiences that it takes part in the (r)evolution of its brand identity design.


Brand development and creative (re)design are problem/evolution-solving processes. Whether your enquiry requires unique customized, high end brand strategy and design or straight forward, simple no-nonsense/no-frills visual image; our creations are idea-driven, focussed on innovation and always stand out by distinction. Lila Design offers hassle free design process, custom graphic design and attention to every detail. Lila Design works rapidly and efficiently, per contract and on exclusive basis. Our pricing is simple, clear and reflects our promises and the process to be employed.

Illustrations & Paint Art

Crisp tailored commercial packhots and product mood illustrations and paintings. Vector, Photoshop, ArtRage and genuine traditionally handmade high end drawing, paintings and graphics.

Specializing in beverages and aviation.


Quilts Design Craftsman is the brand for quilt designs, quilt packages and rubber quilt stamps for individual quilters, quilt shops and the industrie. No whole sales. Free work and commissioned.




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