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Lila Design is a Netherland's based boutique creative design company, founded in 1995. Focusing on private and state aircraft, boutique and large commercial airlines, alcoloholic drink brands and fast moving luxury consumer goods. We are a small agency differentiating from the competition through unique customer experience and personalization. We create tempting and esthetically designed creations and trademarks for individuals and brands who want to stand out. Premium tailored aircraft exterior identities, like diamonds in the skies which turn heads at every airport and reflects the owner's fine taste and personality. 'Spot on' airline branding which embraces and bonds flying customers. Brand label and packaging design that pop off the shelf. We help by design to let your brand communicate better with your customers and consumers. They will become your brand's best friends. Cherish them.

We define niches, names, create beautiful and aircraft exterior paint scheme designs, airline identities and brand, label, pack designs for alcoholic drinks brands. Simply put, we help our clients visually express their brands positioning & attributes wherever consumers, business relations and friends interact with them. We believe that brand package and bespoke tailored aircraft livery design are the foundation of effective brand presence and unique personal representation. We make designs according to the trends of the day or as an echo from the past, but our heritage of service and our commitment to putting each one of our global clients first are constant.

We work with customers. Building identities together. Telling stories behind the brands. Creating bonds with consumers.


Lila Design, Krabbendamstraat 27,

5045 SH Tilburg, The Netherlands (EU)

Telephone +31 13 571 81 91 -  E-mail info [AT]

Chamber of Commerce nr. 64878171 | Legals

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